Do you love to travel?

For some, travel is a commitment that happens once a year through their annual vacation.   Others dream of a long stay vacation or an extended cruise.  For many Canadians, travel is seen as our reward for putting up with our famous cold winters.

Why do people travel with Transat?

  • To relax
  • To experience new cultures and old history
  • To be pampered
  • To enjoy new experiences
  • To have a great time and meet new people
  • To eat new foods
  • To stay at recommended resorts
  • To vacation with their group of friends
  • To create lasting memories with loved ones

If you’re serious about getting more travel and experiences in your life then you’ll love to hear that we have partnered up with Transat. Highlighted below are a few of our recommended (and amazing!) destinations.  Read through, dream for a micro-second and then start planning your next adventure with Transat…through us!