Your Golden Guide to Las Vegas

Posted on 07/12/2017

Do you love gold?

If so, book your next trip to Las Vegas for a gold-filled extravaganza!

Whether you wish to make your entire trip golden or just certain elements, Vegas offers a variation of gold-related treats to travelers visiting Sin City.

The Golden Cocktail

Start your golden Vegas trip off right with “The Lago Cocktail” from Lago by Julian Serrano at the Bellagio. This signature drink has a dusting of golden flakes that rest atop a concoction of Absolut Elyx Vodka with Mancino Vermouth Secco, Orange Blossom Syrup and Butterfly Pea Flower Extract.

The mix is poured over an ice sphere with a seasonal flower frozen inside, which creates a picturesque moment perfect for one’s social media channels.

Talk about a terrific way to make all your followers jealous of your golden Vegas weekend getaway!

The Gold Facial
If you’re looking for a relaxing spa treatment, the Gold Facial at The Spa at ARIA hydrates, soothes and erases fine lines. A gold face, neck and décolleté mask are applied directly to the skin to give it a more radiant glow.

The Gold Concierge

Guests at ARIA Sky Suites have access to the Les Clefs d’Or Concierge—“Keys of Gold” in French—the most elite group of concierges in the world. To become a member of the prestigious organization, applicants must undertake a rigorous six-month vetting process ending with a final test that takes two weeks to complete.

ARIA has 10 gold key concierge members, more than any other hotel in Las Vegas. (The entire United States is home to only 650 gold key members.)

The Gold Covered Caviar

Food is an essential here, and there’s no better way to experience fine dining than with Joël Robuchon, the only three-Michelin-starred chef in Las Vegas.

Indulge yourself in a feast at Robuchon’s restaurant at MGM Grand with an aesthetically astounding caviar dish: “Le Caviar Imperial”. An edible 24-karat gold leaf tops Oscetra caviar and covers a silky crustacean gelée dotted with cauliflower puree.

The Gold Draped Nightclub

No trip to Vegas would be complete without partying.

With gold decor and lights that mimic glistening jewels, JEWEL Nightclub at ARIA Resort & Casino gives guests the feeling of partying inside the most luxurious jewelry box. JEWEL, one of Las Vegas’ newest and hottest nightclubs, boasts performers such as Steve Aoki, Zedd, and Lil Jon.

For those looking for a more intimate night out, JEWEL offers five VIP suites with custom amenities that circle the mezzanine.

Source: Travelpulse