Why You Should See the Dead Sea Before It’s Gone

Posted on 03/15/2017

The Dead Sea is dying, according to a new report in News.com.au.

In fact, it may even be shrinking by as much as one meter per year, according to some estimates, meaning that the dead sea could dry up by 2050.

There are many reasons why you should get there before it’s gone.

First, it’s nature’s health spa, writes Celeste Mitchell.

“The Dead Sea’s rich, black mud has long been touted as the kale of the beauty world, packing a healthy mineral infusion for the body. Even the air is healthier here; rich in oxygen due to the barometric pressure — the world’s highest (800 mg Hg) — which can be beneficial for asthmatics,” she says.

Four- and five-star hotels are plentiful and make the experience that much more luxurious.

“With 330 days of sunshine, dry air and no crowds, it’s little wonder eight international four and five-star resorts line the salty banks of the Dead Sea on the Jordan side. Each resort has its own private section of water for guests to bob about in, with some offering day access,” Mitchell points out.

And if selfies are your thing, this place can’t be beat.

“Just grab a copy of the Jordan Times from your room for the obligatory reading-while-floating photo,” Mitchell recommends.

For more reasons to head straight to the Dead Sea, read on here.

Source: Travelpulse