Walk on Water at Ireland's New Floating Boardwalk

Posted on 01/10/2018

We've all daydreamed about what it would be like to walk across water. You now can do the next best thing in Ireland.

According to the Irish Times, the country's first "floating walkway" sprouted up last autumn on the waters of Acres Lake in County Leitrim.

The buoyant boardwalk comes in at approximately 525 feet long—which is nearly the length of two football fields—and helps connect the towns of Carrick-on-Shannon and Drumshanbo on the Shannon Blueway—one of the Emerald Isle's most beautiful recreational trails.

Ireland's Blueways are an attraction in themselves as this lattice of paths are all located on, or directly beside, water features like rivers, canals and lakes.

The Blueways provide opportunities for cycling, kayaking and walking and are all designed to help outdoor enthusiasts get up-close-and-personal with some of rural Ireland's loveliest (and lesser-known) landscapes.

If you decide to come to County Leitrim to check out the floating bridge for yourself, you'll be pleasantly surprised that this Irish county is full of delightful sights.

County Capital

Carrick-on-Shannon is the hub of the county.

This riverside town has been called the "marina capital of Ireland" in addition to being known as a place where anglers feel at home. Throughout the town, you will see boats (everything from humble vessels to luxury yachts) bobbing on the water while you will find over 40 lakes fit for fishing on the outskirts.

Naturally, Carrick-on-Shannon is also the hub of nightlife and dining in the area, and you will find a host of venues where you can sample Irish fare and sink a pint of stout after a day on the water.

Run by two foodie brothers, The Oarsmen is one of the most highly rated gastropubs in Ireland. They've collected a plethora of awards for their locally-sourced food and craft beer. A few hours here is destined to be the highlight of any night.

In regards to local comfort food, keep an eye out for "boxty" in and around County Leitrim. These hearty pancakes made of shredded potato are a local specialty, and they make the perfect lunch snack. Mcniffe's Bakery is known as one of the best producers in County.

Lakeside Castle

Parke’s Castle dates from the early 17th Century and scenically sits on the shores of Lough Gill lake. Tours are available and, once within its walls, you will gain an insight into the tumultuous history of this regal residence.

Ancient Appeal

In addition to modern wonders like floating footpaths and fancy boats, County Leitrim is loaded with ancient marvels. Ruined medieval abbeys dot the landscape, and you will even find the second smallest chapel in the world located here.

Costello Chapel has a width of 12 feet and a length of only 16 feet, but it still manages to mesmerize all who visit. The chapel was constructed by prominent local businessman Edward Costello to be a crypt for his beloved wife, and he eventually joined her inside when he passed away.

The coffins and a small atmospheric altar make for a very moving experience indeed.

Source: Travelpulse

PHOTO: The grand opening of the new walkway. (photo via Flickr/Waterways Ireland)