Tourists, Residents Flocking To Hottest Attraction In NYC

Posted on 03/06/2017

New York City is a mercurial food town, especially when it comes to what anybody even remotely refers to as trendy or hot.

There is the $2,000 pizza pie and the $295 hamburger. On the not-so-expensive side, there was the cronut—a croissant/doughnut concoction that took the city by storm—and, of course, there will always be Shake Shack.

Now, tourists and residents alike are flocking to the latest flavor of the month—literally.

It’s called DO Cookie Dough Confections, a small storefront located in the city’s Greenwich Village neighborhood that serves 12 different flavors of slightly chilled cookie dough, and the DO is pronounced dough, like, uh, cookie dough.

Its owner says the dough is made with pasteurized eggs instead of raw eggs, so it is safe to eat and eliminates the chance of salmonella.

How popular has it become in just the one week it’s been opened? How about 30 people already line up around the corner before the shop even opened for business one morning last week?

According to the Associated Press, DO Cookie Dough Confections is churning out about 1,500 pounds of cookie dough a day to go into traditional ice cream cones, waffle cones and cups.

The flavors? How does chocolate chip sound? There's also peanut butter, Heavenly (Nutella-based), sugar, chocolate brownie, a cookie dough ice cream sandwich (the wafers are replaced by cookie dough) and even a cookie dough milkshake.

Source: Travelpulse