Stunning Forest Canopy Walk to Open in Denmark

Posted on 10/25/2017

Nature lovers and those who love to get notifications for “likes” on Instagram rejoice: There is a breathtaking new forest canopy walk being built in Denmark.

Scheduled to open in 2018, the spectacular woodland walkway dubbed “The Treetop Experience” will be located at Camp Adventure—Denmark's largest treetop adventure park.

Located approximately an hour south of Copenhagen, Camp Adventure is currently home to 10 treetop adventure tracks, a climbing wall and nature playground.

While the park's zip line courses laden with airborne obstacles and trapezes already provide a thrilling way for visitors to get up-close-and-personal with forest plants, the new tree-centric trail will take things to an entirely new level.

The pathway will be made exclusively from planks of local timber and will meander its way through the lush local forest before terminating at a futuristic observation tower offering a 360-degree vista of the surrounding Danish countryside.

Getting to the tower will most certainly be half the fun.

After leaving the reception area, guests will set off on a gentle stroll through some of the forest's oldest trees. During this portion of the path, you will be treated to educational displays about the woods and even get the chance to observe a bird sanctuary.

The pathway is intended to seamlessly blend into its surroundings while also featuring a picturesque river crossing and even a miniature amphitheater where guests will be able to sit, relax and relish in the natural Scandinavian surroundings.

Soon after you pass the resting place, you will reach the star of the show: the otherworldly observation tower.

The circular observation deck sits at the top of this towering corkscrew, featuring a ramp that winds its way skyward from the depths of the forest floor. The gradient is planned to be gentle throughout, ensuring that guests of all ages and degrees of fitness will be able to enjoy the journey.

At the top (and an elevation of 148 feet), visitors will be treated to sweeping views of the surrounding forest and Danish countryside in all directions. (It's up here where you’ll want to show off those selfie skills.)

The eye-catching hourglass shape of the observation tower is no accident. According to the official website of EFFEKT, the innovative architectural firm behind the project:

"The geometry of the tower is shaped to enhance the visitor experience, shunning the typical cylindrical shape in favor of a curved profile with a slender waist and enlarged base and crown. This does not only increase the stability of the tower but also increase the observation deck area at the top of the tower. Furthermore, it also allows for better contact to the forest canopy."

While we will take their word for it regarding the more technical aspects of the architecture, we certainly believe that this place is destined to be the highlight of many future trips to Denmark.

Source: Travelpulse

PHOTO: The Treetop Experience, Camp Adventure, Denmark. (photo courtesy of EFFEKT)