Six Flags Announces Opening Date for New Virtual Reality Roller Coaster

Posted on 02/14/2017

Officials from Six Flags Magic Mountain in Los Angeles have announced the opening date for the theme park’s newest attraction “The New Revolution Galactic Attack” on February 25.
According to the official website of Six Flags, The New Revolution Galactic Attack attraction will mix virtual and augmented reality with a traditional roller coaster experience to make one of the most anticipated rides of 2017.
Passengers on the fully immersive virtual reality coaster will have to fight off an alien drone invasion in order to save Earth using Samsung Gear VR headsets which show each guest their vital information, including weaponry, time codes and a countdown clock.
The ride starts off on the roller coaster lift hill as augmented reality, but quickly transforms into a completely virtual world with passengers engaging in a full-out war against an alien race. With the help of the Samsung Gear VR headsets, guests will be able to shoot at aliens with special virtual weapons controlled by “low-latency positional head tracking.”

The official YouTube page of Six Flags Magic Mountain shared a video promoting The New Revolution Galactic Attack:

The virtual reality world was designed to coincide with the drops, twists and turns of the roller coaster, and how well the passengers do
in their war against the aliens will determine the ending of the story.
The only caveat is that guests must be at least 13 years old ride with the Samsung Gear VR headset.

Source: Travelpulse