Sauna In Sweden's Stunning Solar Golden Egg

Posted on 06/30/2017

Saunas are great and all. Chances are solid, however, that you have never enjoyed a sauna that looked like a giant golden egg.

Off the Map Travel highlights a truly unique experience in Sweden’s Kiruna, on the northern part of Sweden.

Temperatures can be brisk to say the least, so it’s nice to have a spot where you can unwind in warmth and comfort. Now you can do so with the availability of a sauna in a giant golden egg.

Off the Map Travel is allowing travelers the opportunity to rent the egg as an add-on to their arctic excursions from now until September 2017. The best part, aside from chilling out in the Easter Bunny’s secret lair, is that it’s offered as a free add-on.

We imagine it would make for some startling Instagram posts later. It looks like a ship you might commandeer and fly off with in the movie “Flight of the Navigator.”

Of course, this egg isn’t getting off the ground. Instead, it’s opening its doors to the weary and cold, the folks who could use a good soak in an amazing atmosphere. It will welcome up to eight people as it powers the inside lights thanks to the solar panels. It will also warm the extremities thanks to its wood-burning stove.

This thing is also beautiful, which really is its most precious virtue. It makes sense seeing as it was designed with creativity and imagination to symbolize something greater than just a place where you sweat out the stress of daily life.

A press release explains the impetus behind the solar egg’s simple but profound design: “The Solar Egg was created to commemorate the start of Kiruna’s urban transformation project with design by prize-winning artistic duo Mats Bigert and Lars Bergström of Sweden.”

Kiruna’s growth and renewal is likened to the process of an egg breathing new life into the world: “The egg shape symbolizes rebirth and new opportunities in Kiruna, a project that involves the relocation of entire city districts in response to ground sinking from decades of iron ore mining. The sauna symbolizes the sun as catalyst for creativity, care, hope and togetherness and is a long-standing tradition in Sweden.”

The website offers an example itinerary if you want to throw in a side of golden egg. The Midnight Sun on Ice venture costs £1679 (about $2,170) per person. You will then spend two of your four nights in Narvik, Norway, before setting off on a romantic train ride into Camp Ripan.

Obviously, the solar egg will be tossed into the mix as well as an opportunity to experience the Ice Hotel.

That particular location is noted for its amazing vantage for spotting the Northern Lights from September to March. So if you miss out on the solar egg, you will have an amazing consolation prize after the summer.

Off the Map is no stranger to amazing and unique experiences. We previously explained that the travel company offered an actual igloo to hang out in for the day. That option also included a tutorial on how to build one as well.

Hang with these guys long enough and you will enjoy all kinds of crazy domiciles, even those that look more like gilded breakfast than anything else.

Source: Travelpulse

PHOTO: Kiruna, Sweden, now has an egg-cellent opportunity. (photo via Flickr/djandywdotcom)