Relax & Revitalize at the Airport (No, Seriously)

Posted on 08/02/2017

Flying the friendly skies is not much fun these days. There’s no doubt that air travel is stressful to both body and mind.

But with wellness continuing to grow as a popular lifestyle, more people want to maintain their healthy habits on the road. Travelers are looking to find better ways to spend their time—and money—at the airport. Rather than drinking at a bar or shopping aimlessly, there are now plenty of ways to bliss out with wellness lounges, spas and health studios.

Whether you are vacationer or business traveler, these five wellness services will help ensure that your travel experience is stress-free, enjoyable and good for you.


Perfect for long delays, long period between connecting flights or trip cancellations, Sanctifly is a global club that gives members access to airport hotel gyms, pools and spas.

Rather than frittering away your time and boarding the plane frustrated, you can pamper yourself with a spa treatment or get in a good workout and be refreshed and relaxed for your flight.

Sanctifly partners with premium brand hotels such as Langham, Aloft, Hilton, Marriott, Crown Plaza and Radisson. All of their 50 locations in the U.S. and Europe are accessible by shuttle, walking or a short taxi ride. Sanctifly will be launching in Asia this fall.


Xpress Spa offers premium spa services in 30 minutes or less. These include massages, reflexology, stress and tension release, manicures, pedicures, facials and waxing while shorter express services are designed for nail, blow-out and mini-massages.

There are currently 53 locations in 22 airports that serve nearly one million travelers per year. XpresSpa also sells a wide range of products from travel comfort items to home décor to skincare.

Be Relax

Designed for travelers on the go, Be Relax offers a unique formula adapted to the time you have available.

Only have 10 minutes? Try a chair massage or enjoy a vitality beauty boost at the juice bar. Have a more time? Choose from a variety of massages (foot, neck, back or stone massage), enjoy a refreshing shower or steam room or try a signature oxygen aromatherapy treatment designed to reduce jet leg—all of these are less than twenty minutes.

Want to stay longer? Try a facial or mani/pedi service. There are also salon services ranging from straightening and curling to a bang trim, hair cut and styling and a deep conditioning mask.

Be Relax also offers a loyalty membership program where, with points earned, members receive gifts and access to higher status and special offers. You can start earning points via their mobile app by completing a membership profile. Be Relax also offers traveler’s in-flight wellness and travel accessories ranging from pillows to electronic gadgets to keep your devices juiced too. There are 40 Be Relax locations in North America, Europe and Asia.

Minute Suites

Need your own private retreat away from the airport hustle and bustle? Minute Suites offer a quiet place to nap, relax and/or work. The founders of Minute Suites are physicians and healthcare professionals who created a wellness-based solution to the stress and fatigue resulting from air travel.

Rooms at Minute Suites offer a secure and private space outfitted with a comfortable daybed sofa, pillows and fresh blankets while their sound technology neutralizes noise. Want to get your Zen on? An audio program helps calm nerves and delivers a refreshing power nap.

To help you make it to your flight, Minute Suites has you covered with a choice of an alarm clock or wake-up call.

Need to get some work done or send a message to a loved one? Minute Suites also provides workstations and Wi-Fi access if you want to work on your laptop. Minute Suites can be found in Dallas, Atlanta and Philadelphia.


FlyFit is a new concept slated to open in London at Heathrow Airport in Fall, 2017. Touted as the “world’s first wellness and fitness studio behind airport security,” Flyfit will offer restorative yoga, strength and cardio classes that will be both instructor-led and on-demand.

FlyFit has plans for additional global locations with the goal to “redefine the way the way travelers move throughout the world.”

Source: Travelpulse

PHOTO: Chill out at XpresSpa at Amsterdam Schiphol International Airport. (photo via Flickr/Sharon Hahn Darlin)