Read This Before You Buy That High-Priced Luggage

Posted on 07/07/2017

Nearly every industry has at least one designer brand that costs a lot more than the rest.

Louis Vuitton shoes and purses, a shiny Lexus in the driveway or a pair of Gucci jeans can say a lot about a person—including the fact they have money (or want you to think they do).

The travel industry is no different, as you can obviously find designer luggage and luxury travel products galore. Take Tumi, which sells small luggage and backpacks in the $300 - $1,000+ range.

I totally get the allure, and I also occasionally get sucked into shopping high-priced luxury bags—especially if I have a few hours to kill at an airport. Let’s face it; Tumi bags are cute. I almost always spot them in the airport and admire them. The thing is, I (probably) would never buy one—even though I can afford one.

Quality Comes at Multiple Price Points

No matter what commercials portray, a hefty price tag doesn’t always translate into better quality or durability. Tumi bags are known for being durable, but you can pay a lot less and still get the durability you’re looking for.

I have a Travel Pro Executive Choice laptop backpack from eBags, and it is one hell of a bag for 1/3 the price of a similar Tumi. You can pay more for better quality, but you can also get high-quality items for less if you’re flexible.

A High-Priced Beating

Travel is indeed harsh, which is why luggage takes such a beating. No matter how much you spend on your bag, it will be thrown on endless conveyor belts, tucked into dirty cargo compartments and exposed to the elements.

Carry-on luggage or backpacks may not go through the ringer quite as much, but they’re still carried on dirty planes. You shouldn’t feel obligated to overpay for an item that will get hit with rain, sleet, snow, germs and bodily fluids!

Cheap Bags Have Cool Features, Too

Tumi bags do have lots of neat features and storage compartments, but other brands offer these as well. That includes lower price travel brands like Travel Pro, eBags and Samsonite, among others.

Shop around by features instead of the brand and you’ll find plenty of “extras” to get excited about.

Paying for The Name

Just like other high fashion brands, the fancy name commands a fancy price. Luxury luggage performs the same function as its cheaper counterparts but for a lot more money.

The difference? People will (theoretically) notice your luggage in the airport and marvel at how much you paid.

Your $500 backpack? To some of us, it represents nothing more than a lost opportunity to score a round-trip domestic flight.

Spend Your Money On Travel Instead

Need another reason to avoid luxury travel brands and buy cheap high-quality goods instead? Travel is already expensive enough; you don’t have to compound the problem by purchasing carry-on bags and backpacks that cost a week’s salary or more.

Save your money for the real goal—travel—instead. You may not look as fancy as some of your friends, but your pocketbook (and passport) will thank you.

Source: Travelpulse

PHOTO: Are you overpaying for your carry-on bags? (photo via Flickr/Reinis Traidas)