Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is

Posted on 03/15/2017

Who doesn't love travel, right?

The actual answer to that question might surprise you.

Note, I didn't ask: "Who says they love travel?" or "Who loved traveling that one time?" No, instead, I asked who loves travel — actually loves it and doesn't just talk about loving it. More than just wordplay or nuance, this is an important distinction for our industry, because we need people who love travel, and the more one looks around, the more it seems like the love of travel is more a matter of lip service than of the heart.

In general, love isn't just desire. It's action. It's commitment. It's putting your money where your heart is rather than just simply writing checks with your mouth that you're not really willing to cash.

"I love getting out of town," rings hollow when you haven't taken vacation days in a few years.

"I'd give anything to get to Santorini," sounds pretty silly when you dropped $500 on your cable TV, Netflix, Redbox and movie theater trips last month.

"Why can't my family have the typical family road trip everyone used to have?" Is a lame complaint when you have a car and a million destinations you could point it toward.

I'm not looking to shame anyone here, but this is a call to action. You should be jolted into a new frame of mind. We all should. Our culture is rife with people who want to travel but don't want to do anything that amounts to taking the first step toward a life that actually revolves around a love of travel.

Set money aside, right now. Go to your bank account and do it. Or, take the money you were going to drop on Starbucks this week, make your own coffee, and stick that cash in an envelope labeled "Cabo," for something that will reinvigorate you in a way that overroasted coffee beans never will. Head down to your local post office and library and update the passport rather than just vaguely remembering you have one every few months.

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Plan a long weekend (or three) that will get you and your loved ones out of Dodge for an extended period of time to a place you've never been. It's not the trip of your dreams, but it's a trip that will make the kind of memories that a night bingewatching yet another show you're only half interested in never will.

Here at Flair Travel Planners, we want you to love travel and to help you move past the point where you're just talking about loving it. You get to live the life you want to live. You just need to take the first step, and we're here with you to help you on that end as well.