New Las Vegas Attractions You Need to Visit

Posted on 03/21/2017

Las Vegas is like any great entertainer: it evolves and shifts with the times.

One decade it’s an adult paradise, the next it’s a family-friendly destination. The following new attractions aim to further reshape how you think of Sin City.

Here are some of the new venues already doing a tremendous job at enticing us to make the trek out to the desert.

Level Up:

Located within the MGM Grand, Level Up is described as a “tech savvy, adult playground.” It's right with the times: embracing equal parts gaming and nerd culture.

Varying greatly from a lot of places on the strip, Level Up will cater to those who want to immerse themselves in fun while talking a bit of trash with their friends. It features a world’s first in the form of an indoor laser golf course, pool, foosball and ping-pong tables.

And it also has an actual Vegas-style gaming Frogger machine.

T-Mobile Arena:

In a town resplendent with entertainment options, it’s impossible to focus on just one epicenter.

However, with a sports team incoming, (the NHL’s Vegas Golden Knights), and one amazing concert after another, this 20,000 seater may be the heartbeat that pulses throughout the area.

Morimoto Las Vegas:

You know him from slaying would-be challengers on “Iron Chef.” Now Morimoto brings his impeccable attention to detail and delicious cuisine to the MGM Grand.

We are particularly eager to try the whimsical Duck Duck Goose, which is a duck meatball soup, duck confit fried rice and gooseberry compote. A press release explains there will also be a Chef’s Combination, and we are always willing to test out anything this guy recommends, especially when it comes with signature stained glass rolls.

A Teppan experience is also promised in case you want to make sure all of those beautiful ingredients are grilled with the proper flare.

Park Theater:

The Monte Carlo has a hit in the form of this 5,200-seat venue, already promising the power and pulse of acts like Bruno Mars, Cher and Ricky Martin.

The best part is this place's intimacy: We have been told that the furthest seat is just 145 feet away.

Leave it to Vegas to squeeze a superb deal into an amazing venue.

Libertine Social:

We have nearly had it with the last decade's shareable craze; Sometimes we just want exactly what we order and want to devour it off our own plate.

That said, when James Beard Award-winning chef Shawn McClain has a new restaurant, we are willing to compromise.

Libertine Social is billed as a gastropub with shareable delicacies like grilled dishes, cheese and meat boards and larger items like roasted chicken. It offers sophistication with the warmth of the kind of gastropub you might meet friends at for a bite on Friday evening.

Top Golf:

Open since 2016, Top Golf is the strip’s answer to a simple driving range. However, there is nothing simple about it.

The venue offers a wealth of driving bays, two pools, cabanas, a concert venue and five bars.

As with many of Vegas' recent openings, it illustrates a dedication to fun and frivolity for adults who want to do more than simply stare back at a dealer.

I Am The Greatest:

The Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art opens a new exhibit for anyone who wants to take a break from swinging the clubs, swinging in clubs or drinking until their heads feel like a bunch of clubs.

As you may have guessed, the appropriately named I Am The Greatest centers on the life and times of Muhammad Ali, open from March 31, 2017, through September 30, 2017.

Source: Travelpulse