New App Wants to Reduce Your Fear of Flying

Posted on 03/24/2017

Flying can be a nerve-racking experience for some, with unexpected flight delays, checkpoint lines and the occasional turbulence sometimes leading to a stressful trip.

Fortunately, those who may dread taking to the skies can download a new informative app designed to reduce a passenger's fear of air travel.

Designed by pilot Timothy Griffin, the MyFlight Forecast app allows passengers to access a weather forecast for their particular flight. In addition to providing easy-to-understand flying conditions, the app provides information regarding potential airport or flight delays as well as a turbulence forecast so users know what to expect.

Users can simply input their origin airport and destination airport to access a live turbulence report.

Rather than simply pointing out places where turbulence has been reported on their flight path, the app educates passengers on the phenomenon, reminding them that it's not unusual or unsafe.

"Many of those who suffer from fear, find relief in understanding," Griffin said in a statement.

"By understanding aviation weather, and how it may affect their particular flight, passengers will feel more at ease when they fly."

Travelers can download the MyFlight Forecast app for free on iPhone or Android devices. What's more, additional resources can be found on, including weather radar, satellite imagery, flight delay information and an "Ask the Captain" section.

Griffin's FlyHome, LLC also offers courses to help travelers conquer the fear of flying at

Source: Travelpulse