New App Adds Fun to Airline Safety

Posted on 06/09/2017

The moment we let our minds wander is usually the second the flight attendants launch into their pre-flight safety spiel. According to The Independent, a group of developers has a solution to winning back your attention.

Gamify the whole thing.

The publication introduces us to Air Safety World, a free app that attempts to turn learning about safety protocol into entertainment you will actually enjoy.

The game is the brainchild of Italy’s University of Udine’s Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) Lab, which understands that current pre-flight procedures may be a tad tedious. Even that might be understating how dull things have become. We have all heard about exit rows and life-vest locations from time immemorial.

Anyone having trouble falling asleep usually knocks out by the time attendants get to that Y.M.C.A. portion of their routine, pointing out where every last exit is on the plane.

But now there is something that may just solve the doldrums.

Professor Luca Chittaro, leader of the HCI Lab group behind the game, explained: “Research on traditional airline safety briefing media like safety cards and videos has highlighted that they are scarcely effective for two main reasons: lack of passenger’s attention and lack of passenger’s comprehension.”

You can’t understand how to open doors and tuck your head in case of an emergency if you don’t listen to these really important announcements. The answer, according to HCI Lab, is to make the process an immersive one. (Then again, you could always just hire ridiculously funny staff members.)

Chittaro continues: “One study has shown that making the briefing highly interactive improves participant’s performance in the real world. Thanks to increased on-board connectivity, the time is right for next-generation airline instructions.”

The game has two host attendants that walk you through various activities. One is called Door Ninja and it mandates the gamer (nee safety enthusiast) goes through and quickly opens emergency doors.

If the pulse is already racing, you will love to hear about the game that asks you to assume the correct position in the case of a virtual emergency. The better you do, the more points are acquired and you can turn those into fancy planes for your very own collection.

With countless games filling myriad travelers’ phones, it’s hard to see something like this peppering future airplane cabins. Then again, airlines could always incentivize such a thing, ensuring that passengers do indeed hop on their phones to collect a mile or two by simply passing a few levels.

Unfortunately, that’s just an idea. For the moment, this is just a cool app that takes safety to new entertaining heights.

Source: Travelpulse

IMAGECAPTION] PHOTO: New app may be an exciting turn in airplane safety. (photo via Flickr/Joel Franusic)