Kenyan Adventures Beyond a Safari

Posted on 10/12/2017

Think Kenya, and if you’re like most people you think: safari.

Pro tip: Don’t be like most people. It’s time to look beyond the predictable and do something unpredictable.

Book one of these fantastic adventures and set yourself apart from the herd.

Cradle of Mankind

Ancient history and archeology buffs owe it to themselves to explore Kenya’s rich pre-historic fossil heritage. Some fossils date back to the dinosaur age (that’s more than 100 million years ago). The National Museums of Kenya are home to the world’s largest collection of human pre-history, where visitors can view the longest and most complete record that spans 27 million years.

The Turkana Boy (1.6 million years old)—the world’s most complete human skeleton ever found—was discovered in Kenya’s Lake Turkana, the largest desert lake in the world. Also known as the Jade Sea, the lake area is the site of ongoing excavation, which continues to yield important finds to this day.

Numerous tools dating back as far as 2.3 million years have also been found in the Hyrax Hill Prehistoric Site near Nakuru and the Kariandusi Prehistoric Site.

Let’s Get Physical

For some, it’s not a vacation unless they’re getting an adrenaline rush. To those, Kenya says, “We’ve got ya covered.”

Mountain biking not only offers a great chance to get some exercise, but it allows visitors to experience a destination in a very intimate way at their own pace. Some of the coastal villages around Diani Beach, Malindi and Watamu can be easily explored on two wheels.

For those in search of something more rugged, there’s Hell’s Gate National Park, where cyclists can pedal through herds of game on the plains.

Is death-defying more your speed? Then try your hand at skydiving along the Kenyan coast, where many novice jumpers find themselves hooked on the feeling and ready to try it again.

Hikers and trekkers are spoilt for choice when it comes to mountains and trails to explore. Mt. Kenya offers a challenging technical climb, whereas Point Lenana is doable for trekkers in good shape.

Rock climbers will want to tackle the cliffs of Hell’s Gate National Park. Regardless of one’s abilities, Kenya has climbs and walks that will get the heart rate going and the cameras clicking.

Culture Vulture

With 42 unique cultures within Kenya, it’s the ideal place to discover the country’s rich national heritage.

Travelers can participate in a village visit and spend a few days in one of the country’s ethnic communities, getting to know the tribespeople and how they go about their daily lives. Best of all, whatever costs guests incur all go directly to the host family.

Those seeking more of an urban cultural experience should head to Nairobi, where shopping, museums and music come together to create the perfect city experience. Don’t miss the Maasai Market or the Blankets and Wine music experience held on the first Sunday of every month at the Carnivore grounds.

Source: Travelpulse

PHOTO: The Maasai culture is one of 42 unique cultures in Kenya. (photo courtesy of the Kenya Tourism Board)