How to Take Perfect Family Vacation Photos

Posted on 07/05/2017

Have you ever returned from a vacation full of sun, fun, laughter and a feeling that you have created memories for a lifetime only to find that your photos are lackluster, at best?

The Nations Photo Lab is hoping that this never happens to you.

Its photography experts have shared a few tips and tricks that families can use to help capture the best moments of a vacation and keep the memories alive forever.

Advanced Notice

The first tip is to let your intentions be known: Tell family members that you will be taking a lot of pictures.

According to the Nations Photo Lab, you can help manage your little subjects’ (and your bigger ones’) expectations by letting them know that the camera will be out fairly often during the trip.


If each shot looks the same, it won’t help you tell the story of your experience. The Nations Photo Lab advises photogs to “be sure to capture candid moments by telling the kids to pretend the camera isn’t there.”

Capture Wonder

Nothing beats capturing the look of awe on a child’s face when they see something amazing for the first time.

“Even if you sacrifice the scenery around them, a tight shot of your kids’ faces is a tangible memory of childhood that you’ll treasure forever,” the experts at the Nations Photo Lab recommend.

What's more, let the kids help plan some of your activities. Happy kids equal better pictures so let your kids have a say in what you are doing on your vacation.

Lighting is Practically Everything

Plan for that perfect family photo—and make sure it’s during the golden time (1-2 hours before sunset). If you get it just right, it might just make the perfect holiday card.

High Shutter Speed

Kids are constantly on the move, and a high shutter speed will help you capture the moment before it moves on by.

Shutter speed can be adjusted in both a DSLR camera and on a smartphone. Photographing with a fast shutter is also a great way to capture summer sports games and dance recitals, say Nations Photo Lab experts.

Get in the Picture!

Don’t forget to capture some moments with the whole family. Kids will want to look back on their vacation time and see pictures of you, too.

Use a self-timer app on your smartphone, or invest in a small tripod for your camera.

Source: Travelpulse

PHOTO: Snap the perfect shot of the whole family. (photo via Flickr/Roderick Eime)