Hotels With Incredible TV-Themed Rooms

Posted on 05/26/2017

Who wants a boring old hotel room with a simple bed and a desk and chair?

Why not opt for a space that looks like you’re sleeping in Jeannie’s bottle, or that you’re a hobbit, or you’re in Batman’s cave?

Here are some of the coolest hotels with TV or film-themed rooms:

Set in the Catskills, New York region, The Roxbury Motel is a film and TV lovers’ paradise. Here, you can sleep in a room that looks like the bottom of Jeannie’s bottle from I Dream of Jeannie. Or, rest your head in a room that looks like it’s sitting in Fred Flintstone’s home.

If you’re a Trekkie, you’ll love the Star Trek room! Those who want to get happy will love the room that’s decorated back to the days of The Partridge Family. There are also rooms based on Amadeus, The Wizard of Oz, and Bewitched. (You’ll feel creepy and kooky in the two-story unit that makes you feel like you’re a member of The Addams Family.)

My absolute favorite part of this motel is The Digs, where the biggest Indiana Jones fans will geek out.

Inside are hidden treasures and maps, secret passageways, fulfilled prophecies, gods, libraries, idols, reptile skins, ancient curses, leather, hieroglyphics, bull whips, solid gold, fire features, babbling brooks, relics and so much more. You’ll spend a lot of time looking through the room, always finding a new detail you missed before.

If your children are Eloise fans, stay in New York City, where there’s an Eloise room at The Plaza. If they prefer wizardry, the Georgian Housein Central London is the perfect location for Harry Potter fans. Here, they can sleep in their own Wizard Chambers rooms.

Do you have Elsa and Anna fans—that’s Frozen for me and you—they may want to stay at Hotel de Glace (a.k.a. the Ice Hotel) in Quebec City. It is the inspiration behind Elsa's ice castle!

According to Hello Kitty Culture’s website, there are Hello Kitty-themed rooms all around the world, including the Lotte Hotel in Jeju, South Korea, The Keio Plaza Hotel in Tokyo, Japan, and the Grand Hi-Lai Hotel in Koahslung, Taiwan.

Star Wars’ fans will love the UK’s Hotel Pelirocco, where you can brood in Lord Vader’s Quarters.

Fans of The Lord of the Rings will love The Hobbit Motel, located in Waitomo, New Zealand. Don’t want to travel that far? Then stay at The Shire in Montana, where you can stay in a Hobbit-themed room.

Good Gosh, Batman! Head over to The Eden Motel in Taiwan. With its Batman double bed, batcave walls, a Bat-tub and bat TVs, you’ll feel like Bruce Wayne in no time!

Source: Travelpulse

PHOTO: New York City's Plaza Hotel. (photo via Flickr/Alan Light)