Here's How You Can Conquer Mount Kilimanjaro On Vacation

Posted on 02/16/2017

Mount Kilimanjaro.
Just the name alone can be intimidating, and may even strike fear into the hearts of those who have heard the legends of this almost mythical mountain. For many, it is seen as the ultimate challenge to be conquered. For adventure seekers and diehard mountain climbers alike, the bragging rights of saying you have tackled this formidable foe is indeed seen as a bucket list goal you should strive to achieve. The tallest and most famous mountain in Africa, Kilimanjaro is actually a dormant volcano—which only adds to its
allure and legendary status. Exploring this wonder of Mother Nature is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It offers many unique opportunities, including the chance to travel through a number of diverse ecosystems. A trek up the mountain will involve passing through the atmosphere of a tropical rainforest, as well as both a desert and an arctic-type snowcap. Few other routes on earth can offer such a diverse range of environmental conditions in a single journey.
Thousands of people flock to Mount Kilimanjaro every year with the goal of making it to the top, although many of those end up abandoning their quest at some point along the way. However, even just making the attempt is an admirable feat that can leave you with amazing and unforgettable memories.
Exodus Travels can help make your dreams of conquering Mount Kilimanjaro a reality.
Specialists in adventure travel, Exodus knows what it takes to create the dream trip of a lifetime, and they will ensure that your journey to Mount Kilimanjaro doesn’t disappoint. They focus on travel in small groups, allowing you to have a personalized experience that isn’t spoiled by overwhelming crowds. You will also appreciate the company’s dedication to responsible tourism—leaving the beautiful spaces undisturbed and treating these natural landmarks with respect are top priorities.

They have special expertise when it comes to Mount Kilimanjaro. Exodus has worked with local partners in the area for years. They can draw upon the guidance of local experts who know every part of this mountain very well. Their team has set the standards for best practices on Kilimanjaro while working closely with the National Park in helping all to benefit. It’s a win-win for everyone: visitors get the most informed, educated guides while the locals and those tasked with protecting the mountain have the comfort of knowing the natural space will be treated with care and respect.
When you explore Mount Kilimanjaro with Exodus Travels, you will have valuable advantages, such as the support of guides and staff who have reached the summit numerous times (in some cases, dozens of times). You will also benefit from personalized attention, as they maintain a ratio of one guide for every two clients. They offer a selection of routes and itineraries, including options for those who prefer to climb the mountain via a slower and more gradual path to allow for acclimation to the altitude.

Source: Travelpulse