Google Maps Now Boasts A Bucket List Tool

Posted on 02/15/2017

Maps guide, inform and, now, remind—well, at least the really good ones do.
Google’s The Keyword (h/t The Next Web) unveils the newest innovation to hit Google Maps: a clever way to save places you want to visit later.
Let’s say you are perusing the latest spots in Manhattan and find a watering hole that you are dying to one day enjoy. Now, you can save that location to various buckets such as favorites or “Want to go.” Or, you can plug that destination into a folder that you make up, say, “Places I Simply Have To Drink At.”

The niftiest part of the rollout is that your saved locations will pop up as you navigate around town.
Sometimes, we quickly forget the inspiration we find on social media or other places around the Internet, because it’s one thing to tell yourself you are going to go back to that amazing bookstore or hit up the restaurant you told about. It’s another to actually remember that when you drive down the street or step off the plane.
Now, you can navigate the city and remember that you had saved something potentially amazing that is just around the corner.
If that wasn’t enough, you can share this veritable trove of bucket list items with friends.
Instead of having to regale out-of-towners with must-see advice, you can just give them access to your list of local haunts that you absolutely adore.
Google Maps is already indispensable for travelers, but it just got a bit more fun.

Source: Travelpulse