Give Back for the Holidays in Cabo San Lucas

Posted on 11/28/2017

A sun-drenched getaway in Cabo San Lucas is certainly not a bad way to wrap up the year.

There’s plenty of beautiful resorts, world-class golf courses, striking beaches and trendy restaurants to enjoy.

For those searching for something slightly more meaningful, however, Solmar Hotels & Resorts is adding another activity to the mix this holiday season: Voluntourism.

The seven property resort collection located in Cabo San Lucas is offering its guests the opportunity to volunteer through its non-profit Solmar Foundation by visiting or sponsoring more than 30 charitable organizations in Baja California Sur.

The organizations that are part of the program known as “Donations in Action,” provide a variety of services ranging from health assistance, education and other social services for families living in poverty, particularly women, children and the elderly.

Among the volunteer and charitable options are:

Food Drives. This opportunity allows travelers to participate in the entire food drive process from packing to serving, just as one might stateside. Volunteers can also opt to engage in even more hands-on support such as painting homes, providing repairs, carpentry and more.

“Bring a Thing” Drive. Year-round, the Solmar Foundation accepts donations of school supplies, toys, and clothing for babies, children and women that are distributed to schools, orphanages and other charity organizations. Consider bringing items to donate while visiting Cabo.

Helping Hands Tour. Participants on this tour get an insider’s look at the day-to-day operations of the foundation, as well as four organizations it supports: San Juan Diego Shelter; San Miguel Nursing Home; Cabo San Lucas Orphanage and Niños del Capitan. The free weekly tours take place each Wednesday and Thursday.

The Solmar Foundation was created in honor of the late Solmar group founder and Los Cabos tourism pioneer Don Luis Bulnes. It provides critical social services not covered by Mexico's government and also works with other public agencies and non-government organizations to combine resources and to direct assistance to those areas where it will do the most good.

The Los Cabos region has been experiencing substantial ongoing growth, due in large part to the immigration of families from mainland Mexico. Many of the families arrive penniless and unemployed, hoping for a better future, according to the foundation. While waiting for their situation to improve, these individuals often end up in temporary housing in shanty towns.

For those who may not have a chance to participate in a hands-on activity while visiting Los Cabos, donations can also be made directly through the Solmar Foundation’s Facebook page or via its website.

If you're looking for one last way to make a contribution, Solmar guests are offered an option of making a $10 donation upon checkout. This option can be found on the final hotel bill and guests can choose to apply it to their charges.

Source: Travelpulse

PHOTO: While visiting Cabo this holiday season, consider spending some time giving back by volunteering locally. (photo via Pixabay/Alvaro_Bejarano)