Food and Fun at UNICO 2087 Hotel Riviera Maya

Posted on 08/24/2017

Enjoy an unforgettable Mexican getaway when you immerse yourself in the high-end luxury and spectacular beauty of UNICO 2087 Hotel Riviera Maya.

Located south of Playa del Carmen in Mexico, this hotel caters to an elite crowd and aims to please even the most discriminating travelers. It’s a unique and innovative adult-only property designed for sophisticated guests.

You get much more than just luxury accommodations, though, at UNICO 2087. This is a total experience, with every detail carefully planned and flawlessly executed.

Delightful Dining Opportunities

Attention foodies: UNICO 2087 ensures you will be overjoyed with every bite you take during your stay. The culinary selections here go way beyond the typical hotel restaurant offerings.

Menu selections are crafted with painstaking attention to detail, spotlighting local chefs who specialize in authentic regional cuisine.

To keep things constantly new and exciting, the hotel uses a rotating chef concept at Cueva Siete restaurant, spearheaded by Top Chef Mexico contestant Chef Christian Bravo.

Tropical Drinks of All Types

Discover a whole new world of tropical drinks during your stay at UNICO 2087. Any hotel or resort can serve you a pretty drink with an umbrella in it, but that’s way too simple for a place of this caliber.

The hotel boasts an on-property executive mixologist who takes great pride in creating all sorts of amazing alcohol-based concoctions.

Try any of the assortment of gourmet cocktails infused with Mayan spirit, made possible by the use of ingredients sourced from locales nearby the property. Enjoy a taste of Mexico without even leaving your room, as you will be greeted by a bottle of Mexican wine upon your arrival.

Nurture your own inner mixologist by joining in on one of the impromptu drink-related events, such as the “pop-your-drink” stations where you and your fellow guests can infuse your favorite spirits with artisanal helados (ice creams).

Master bartenders will lead exciting and educational programs, such as upscale mezcal and tequila tastings. The more adventurous (or less stomach-sensitive) guests can even sample dried worms and crickets that are recommended as palate cleansers.

Many of the spotlighted drinks are carefully designed with a nod to the region’s history and culture. Traditional drinks get the spotlight. An example: the Hunan Ku, which you can sample at the hotel’s Bar Balam, is named after an ancient Mayan symbol that is said to represent the “Supreme Being."

Offsite Excursions Add to the Thrills

While you can enjoy plenty of great food and drink experiences within the boundaries of the hotel property, the culinary journey expands to new territory with the addition of off-site excursions.

Those with cultivated palettes and a thirst for adventure will be in heaven here. It’s like a cool separate escapade within an already-amazing vacation. The array of off-site experiences ranges from Mayan cooking lessons to wine-tasting events.

Explore all of the many impressive features and amenities that lets UNICO 2087 Hotel Riviera Maya stand out from the crowd, and make your travel plans now with the help of our agents at Flair Travel!

Source: Travelpulse

PHOTO: You will be welcomed with fancy drinks at UNICO 2087. (photo courtesy of Unico 2087 Hotel Riviera Maya)