Divorce Comes With a Money-Back Guarantee at Swedish Hotel

Posted on 03/31/2017

A rocky relationship sometimes needs a romantic getaway, but, if that doesn’t work, it’s nice to get some money back.

Sweden’s NWT.se (h/t BBC) reports on a peculiar campaign run by The Countryside Hotels. The program allows married couples to book a room and, if they get divorced within the span of a year, the cost of two nights is on the hotel.

It’s a really good opportunity if you fall into that very specific subset of couples who are enjoying a rocky relationship that isn’t so tenuous that a vacation in Sweden is out of the question.

BBC translates owner Petra Fagrell Jansson who tells NWT.se: “Everyone needs a bit more time for their relationships and a little break from everyday life.”

As noted, things aren’t as simple as showing up with your spouse only to later request a refund by email.

First, you will need to have been married when you book your stay. Obviously, this means you will also need to book one room and stay in said room.

Whether one of you is in the bed and the other is sleeping in the bathtub is completely up to you and your marital state.

If you do indeed divorce—something that’s (probably?) impossible considering Sweden’s charms—you will need to show legal proof.

But if you accomplish all of the above, you can line that divorce with some extra silver using possibly the world’s oddest guarantee.