Destinations That Defy Stereotype

Posted on 07/10/2017

The French are rude, the drug lords have taken over Mexico and don’t even get me started on how dirty Greece is.

These are just a few of the common stereotypes assigned to destinations around the world. Oftentimes, countries have been mislabeled because of reputations they didn’t deserve.

Travelpulse asked a few travel agents to talk about the stereotypes that they hear most:

Anywhere but Mexico

“I can’t tell you how many people I hear say "Anywhere but Mexico" because of something they heard in the news or they believe the entire country is full of drug cartels because of what they’ve seen on television,” said James Berglie of Be All Inclusive.

Berglie usually tells the uneducated a story. “It’s about how a Mexican couple was looking to take a trip to Florida, but they heard about riots in Baltimore, so they decided they didn’t want to go to the United States. It helps to illustrate my point that the connection they are drawing is not warranted.

When my clients go to Mexico, they are absolutely amazed at the quality of the resorts, the friendliness of the people and how much there is to do.”

The Unfriendly French

“Some people assume the French are unfriendly to Americans and that the people are abrasive,” said Becky Lukovic of Bella Travel, an affiliate of Travel Experts.

She said that it’s quite the contrary:

“French people are friendly—travelers simply need to know and follow their social queues. The French love to sing, especially when wine is involved, and they are quick to help. The scenery is stunning, and the regions are completely different from Alsace to the Basque to Provence to the Dordogne. Visiting areas outside of Paris gives opportunities to experience diverse cuisine, wine, scenery and culture.”

Disney is Just for Kids

“I’ve heard it time and time again: 'Why would you go to Walt Disney World without children,' said Greg Antonelle, Managing Director, MickeyTravels, LLC.

“My response: ‘because it is fantastic.' And it’s usually followed by a confused look. Many people do not consider the Walt Disney World Resort a destination for adults-only travel, but they are truly missing out. In fact, adults can have as much fun, if not more, than children."

Antonelle said there are three reasons why Disney is a perfect vacation destination for adults:

“If nothing else, go for the food,” he said. “The Walt Disney World Resort is home to some incredible restaurants and culinary experiences. For example, Victoria & Albert’s, one of Disney’s top signature restaurants located in Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, has consistently received the AAA Five Diamond Award® since 2000, among others.”

Disney offers a variety of festivals throughout the year, which may be attractive to adults-only visitors.

“Continuing on the food topic is the Epcot® International Food & Wine Festival,” he said. “Here guests can taste their way around global marketplaces featuring international cuisines located at kiosks set throughout World Showcase. Another great festival is the Epcot® International Flower & Garden Festival.

Finally, Disney is a great trip for its spas. There are a few wonderful ones on Disney property that can transport guests into a state of complete relaxation.”

Not Much in Machu

So not true.

“People have seen the pictures and videos and heard their friends talk about this mystic place, but the real magic of Machu Picchu is when you step into the ruins after the train journey from Cuzco,” said Pam Walker of Walker Adventures, an independent affiliate of Travel Experts.

“It hits you right away when you see this ancient city where people lived so long ago. Just the positioning of the citadel surrounded by the mountains that jut up from the Urubamba River far below and the clouds drifting in and out. It all adds up to the mysticism of this place. There is an aura here making you want to be quiet and just observe and meditate on the lives of those ancients who survived in this austere location.”

Not-So-Great Greece

“Greece always exceeds expectations,” said Jeannette Candau, co-owner of the European walking tour specialist, The Blue Walk.

“That may be because people can't really understand the hospitality and authenticity that still exists in many places here until they come and experience it themselves.”

Source: Travelpulse

PHOTO: The Palace of Fine Arts in Mexico City. (photo via Flickr/Lul_Plqeee)