Cities in Mexico That Should Be on Your Travel Bucket List

Posted on 10/10/2017

While most travelers head to Mexico’s fabled beaches in search of sun, fun and some tequila shots, true travelers know that a little extra exploration will pay large dividends. In fact, there’s more than one destination that merits a spot on your must-see list, all accessible when booking a trip with Flair Travel Planners.


Named one of the top places in the world to visit in 2017 by The Guardian, this charming city is a peaceful oasis that earned the title of the American Capital of Culture in 2017. Its beauty and culture make it an ideal jumping off point for further exploration of the Yucatan Peninsula.

San Miguel de Allende

This city in the heart of Mexico is arguably one of the most beautiful in the country. Once there, you’ll never want to leave thanks to colorful colonial architecture, quaint cobblestone streets, an abundance of art and gastronomy and a vibrant cultural mix. Be sure to make a visit to the Museum of the Masks and the Botanical Garden El Charco del Ingenio.

Puebla City

Mexico may be known for mile upon mile of striking coastline, but its interior is nothing to miss. Puebla City is no exception. This university town, located in the Puebla Province, is a burgeoning destination for foodies.

Beyond that, the town’s colonial architecture makes for a charming visit, with the Cathedral of Puebla playing a starring role. Be sure not to miss the Biblioteca Palafoxiana, which was built in 1646, making it the oldest library in the Americas. No wonder then that UNESCO declared it part of the Memory of the World.


Known as the city of eternal spring, the city’s near year-round warm weather and blooming landscape makes it a beautiful destination no matter the season. Its mild climate means visitors can enjoy golf, rafting and a host of outdoor activities throughout the year.

Isla Holbox

Technically not a city (details, details) but this island just off the Yucatan Peninsula is a must visit before it makes it to the top of every travel destination list in 2018. Striking beaches and plenty of sunshine make it an idyllic escape, but it’s the bioluminescent plankton that lights up the waters that will give you bragging rights.

Xilitla, San Luis Potosi

Come for Edward James’ surrealist architectural creations in the middle of the jungle. Stay for the town of Xilitla. Known as a coffee-producing town, it’s becoming better known as a great vacation spot in recent years so be sure to get there before the hordes of tourists discover it as well.

Tapijulapa, Tabasco

In the heart of the Tabascan jungle, this town offers a bit of everything from a pre-Hispanic culinary tradition to colonial architecture and an abundance of nature. Don’t miss the nearby waterfalls, which are popular with the locals.

Source: Travelpulse

PHOTO: The charming city of Puebla is home to the oldest library in the Americas. (photo via Flickr/Russ Bowling)