5 Heart-Racing Vacation Ideas for the Active Romantic

Posted on 02/14/2017

Her sleek body glides toward you. She's approaching quickly and confidently. Just the sight of her makes your heart skip a beat.
Only, it's not your girlfriend who's got you in her sights. This is a massive predatory fish swooping past the steel cage that you can only hope is as secure as promised. Bobbing in the waters just below the surface off the coast of Australia, you don't know whether you are chum or just a chump for doing this: "Cripes, the bars on this contraption seem too far apart to keep out that lurking creature!"
You're cage diving with Great Whites and loving it. Thrill seeking can often be just as romantic with the one you love.

Cage Dive with Great Whites in Australia
You two will need to take a few deep breaths, psych yourself up and slide into the enclosure nestled at the side of a boat. Then, you won't believe the adrenaline rush when a massive and powerful shark comes to rattle your cage. Good thing no one can hear your screams underwater. South Australia is the place to go to get up close with these ancient sea creatures. Outfitters offer tours departing from Port Lincoln to the Neptune Islands. This activity is just one of the thrilling water adventures (diving, snorkeling, sailing) you can have while vacationing in Australia.

Run with the Bulls in Spain
The tradition exists in many small towns and villages across Spain (some other countries, too), but the famous destination to sprint amid a thundering mass of riled up and stampeding cattle is in Pamplona in conjunction with the annual San Fermin Festival.
Only the bravest and fittest (and most foolish?) runners should venture onto the half-mile course that leads the bulls from the city's corral to the bullring. Otherwise, you can find a place behind the special fencing and savor the thrilling spectacle (it lasts no more than 10 minutes) before settling into a romantic day enjoying the food, wine and festivities.

Bike Around Paris
The City of Lights is a legendarily romantic hot spot. What better way to spend it as a couple than to pedal side by side along the Seine? Guided bike tours provide a look at the city's history and highlights, traversing major roadways like the Champs de Elysee and narrow streets into charming neighborhoods. Consider renting bikes or staying at a hotel that offers loaner bikes so you can pedal daily on your own to find quaint new spots for your morning croissant. Living like a true Parisian, you'll work up a well-earned appetite for all that rich, gourmet cuisine.

Getaway to the Rocky Mountains
Under wide-open skies and out in the fresh air, you'll never feel more connected—to each other and to nature. Check into a resort at any of the top towns and villages renowned for their skiing, snowshoeing, hiking and rafting adventures. Vail, Aspen, Crested Butte, Winter Park, Telluride. Leadville and Keystone offer some of the best winter (or any time of year, really) activities in the country. Hike, bike or settle into the soothing hot springs under starlit skies in outdoor wonderlandslike Durango, Pagosa Springs, Salida or Ouray.

Hike a Volcano's Crater in Hawaii
This can really heat up your Hawaiian vacation. In addition to leis, luaus and lounging at the beaches, you have to see the lava.
On the Big Island, active couples find great thrills getting close to one of the world's most-active volcanoes. Kilauea, in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, has been continuously erupting since 1983, and, depending on the location of the lava flow from its vent and the safety conditions, you can take a two-hour hike to view the molten magma as it splashes into the ocean. The most romantic time to view is at sunrise or sunset, as the glowing red stands out against the backdrop of the starry skies.
You also can hike amid the cooled lava lake and still-steaming vents on the Kilauea Crater Rim Trail, which takes you on a trek through a rainforest, to the crater floor and past a variety of wildflowers.

Source: Travelpulse